Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating with the Staff

Every year, Casa de Amor has a big party for all of the staff and their families. It usually falls around the time of Día de San Juan, and this year, it was the Friday night after Día de San Juan.

The boys' house is the perfect place to celebrate! The house is big and there's a huge backyard. There's also a little shed-like building behind the house that has a grill, so it is perfect for entertaining!

The baby home prepared most of the food (hamburgers and chorizo being the main foods), and then Tío David cooked it at the party. The boys' and girls' houses were in charge of the games, and those were quite a sight to behold!

It was so much fun to see all of the tías outside of work and meet their families! We left the babies in very capable hands, but the boys and girls were able to join us at the party. They also enjoyed spending time with the tías' kids. I think everyone needs a break from work every once in awhile, so it was nice to spend time together outside of work.

 We got to see A., one of the Booher family's CDA kids! I haven't seen her since helping out at their house a few weeks ago, but it was made even more exciting by finding out that that very afternoon she met her adoptive parents for the first time!

Before dinner, we had a little worship time! Tía Rosa (CDA Social Worker... in the red jacket) and Tía Maria (CDA Pastor and Nurse... in the black jacket) led the singing.

Pelusa, the boys' very beloved cat, was of course in on the games!

 Mandarina Relay for the kids~ They had to carry a mandarina to one end of the yard, and carry it back to their team, but when passing it to the next teammate, they weren't allowed to use their hands. Something must have been lost in translation though, because they definitely passed it with their hands!

One of the most interesting games I've ever seen... Two people are blindfolded, and each has a spoon in his/her mouth. The goal is to hit the other person on the head with your spoon.

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

I was so sad to not be able to plan our trip around this! It's always a favorite night of the year. Glad you got to attend! Heard it was really cold.