Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tía Serafina's Baby Shower

One of our baby home tías, Tía Serafina, is about to have her first baby (a boy), so today, we had a baby shower for her! Baby showers aren't super common in Bolivia, but they have become more popular in recent years. 

It started off with everyone giving her well-wishes, and then we played a game.  She had to pretend to be a model for us, and then we passed around a roll of toilet paper and each person ripped off however many squares she thought it would take to wrap around Tía Serafina's stomach. Tía Rosa and Victoria, one of our new volunteers, tied for first place!

Tía Serafina, the model!

Tía Lucy deciding how many squares of toilet paper it'll take to wrap around Tía Serafina's stomach... Tía Serafina's sister is on the left, and she'll be working in Tía Serafina's place while she's on maternity leave.

 Now it's Jennifer's turn to guess how much toilet paper is needed!

Tía Serafina and Victoria

Tía Serafina and Tía Rosa

After playing the game, she opened presents. Before opening each gift, she had to guess what it was. If her guess was wrong, someone drew something on her face. She guessed a few gifts correctly, but missed a few so she ended up with some nice drawings of hearts and stick people on her face!

Tía Carla reading the card from everyone

Opening her first gift

...and her guess was incorrect!

She received several cute bath towels and baby blankets!

Wrong again!

Opening another present... I think this one was a sippy cup, plate and spoon set, and a squishy ball.

Tía Serafina and I

Although the baby shower didn't last long, it's always fun to do something a little different with the tías! 

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