Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feliz Cumple, O.!

Today we celebrated the 4th birthday of O.! She has been looking forward to this day since at least October, and it is finally here. 

She's been telling me that she wanted to help me make her cake, and then after her party, come to the baby house for a sleepover (just like Ana Maria and Shyrlen did for their birthdays). Yesterday, she came over to decorate her cake, and we had her party this afternoon after she got home from school. Although she was given the option to come over to the baby house, she decided she'd rather stay at her house for the night. 

I think she built-up the idea of her birthday so much in her mind that she wasn't really sure what to do today. She was pretty wild at some points but pretty overwhelmed at others. Overall, I think she had a great day!

Enjoy some party pictures :)

Quick picture of her cake before taking it to her house! She wanted the top to have blue and green frosting, and it looked kind of tye-dye after she spread on the two colors!

Feliz Cumpleaños, O.!

These two stand watch over every birthday girl… I wonder what they're planning on doing to her?! 

If only Jhosi grande made it into the picture, we'd have a Casa 3 group photo!

O. biting her cake with a little help from B.! 

She barely lets me out of her sight at the baby home, but she had a lot of fun playing with the girls!

The inside of O.'s cake was tye-dye… It turned out so cute!

O. loved her baby doll from Tía Johanna and Tía Linnea

Tía Johanna eating her dinner ;) 

Do you see the birthday girl leaping through the air?

Most hilarious moment of the party: Johanna was blindfolding J. who is blind so she could have her turn to hit the piñata. Abigail loudly declared "Tía Johanna, you don't need to cover her eyes. She can't see anyway!"

I've never seen someone try to hit a piñata was such force! She was swinging the stick around and nothing was safe in her path.

A. took one good hit and the candy and confetti went flying!

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