Monday, March 3, 2014

Feliz Cumple Tía Rosi!

Not only is today the start of the two-day Carnaval celebration, but also it is Tía Rosi's birthday!

The kids' birthdays are always celebrated, but if/how to celebrate the tías' birthdays is generally left up to the volunteers. Personally, I love celebrating birthdays and eating cake, so we always celebrate the birthdays of the baby home tías! Although Tía Rosi is no longer at the baby home (she's working at Casa 3 with the big girls), we couldn't let the day pass by without a birthday celebration! She took me out to dinner on my birthday (it was her day off), but I couldn't do that because she had to work… So instead, we brought the party to her!

Making her own birthday meal! 

Just kidding! I helped fry the milanesas…

…but may have burned a couple of them when I stopped paying attention to them on the stove to take this picture! 

Can't forget the cake! 

Love this picture! The girls were SO excited to celebrate Tía Rosi's birthday, too! They've all known her since they were babies. 

When we put the cake on the table, B. and A.M. immediately hopped up to take their positions next to Tía Rosi. Anything but sly with their intentions to push her face into the cake, they both stood next to her with their hands on the back of her head!

Feliz cumpleaños, Tía Rosi! Espero que tengas un hermoso día! Gracias por tu amistad, ayuda, y amor de los niños cada día! Te queremos MUCHO!

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