Sunday, March 23, 2014

Busy Weekend

Weekends always pass by way too quickly here… We have a lot to do that keeps us busy!

Every Saturday, all of the big kids and a group from the baby home go to La Horita Feliz. When telling people about it, I describe it kind of like Sunday school. We start off in a big group with everyone while singing songs and learning a Bible verse. Then, every goes to their class where they learn another Bible lesson, draw a picture and sing some more. There's a class for young kids ages 1-5 (where all of our baby home kids go), and then several classes for the older kids. There's also a class for the mothers (and some grandmothers and great-grandmothers) who attend. For the most part, the baby home kids enjoy going. They like singing the songs, although you'd never know it if you saw them there! They refuse to sing or do any of the hand motions, but at home, we all sing the songs ALL THE TIME. On the way home yesterday, they were singing the songs in the car! 

After La Horita Feliz, sometimes we like to take the kids out to dinner. It's a treat for them, but it's not always an easy task for us! We took them out for empanadas yesterday, and they behaved beautifully! Everyone sat at the table and ate all of their food. They also had a chance to play on the playground that is at the restaurant. We arrived home about thirty minutes before bedtime, and they were SO tired! We'd call that a successful outing!

Every Sunday, we take kids to church. All of the big kids from Houses 2-3 attend a church together, and it's a church that several of the tías attend. The kids from the baby home only attend church if a volunteer takes them. Several of the volunteers and I attend the same church and always bring kids with us. In my 8 months here, I've never not brought at least one to church with me!

Our church has a nursery for the babies which we always send them to (except for Baby C. who always stays with me), and there are Sunday School classes for the older kids. 

Taking kids to church is always a big undertaking, but the kids like going, and personally, I love taking them. It's so important for them to get out of the house more and be around other kids and adults. 

*And who is that baby in blue and white stripes, you may wonder?! Well, that would be Baby C. who decided to explode her diaper all over her clothes and me in the middle of church… Famous last words before leaving the house this morning: "No, I don't need to bring clothes for her. Her diapers are never bad enough that I need to change her while we're out." Thankfully Lindsey brought extra clothes for Baby A., and he was happy to share!

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