Thursday, March 6, 2014

From the Nutrition Center to the Hospital...

I had quite the eventful morning while visiting R. at the Nutrition Center! I'm hoping it won't ever be repeated...

It started off like any other morning visit with her… We stayed inside long enough for her to eat her morning snack and then asked one of the nurses if we could go outside. Today, the nurse seemed like she didn't really want to say I could take her out, but in the end, she agreed. So we headed out… She played on the swings and see-saw and then picked a few flowers.

As you can see in the above picture, she was happy to be out and completely oblivious to what was to come about 5 minutes later!

She wanted to swing some more, and this time, she kept letting go. I told her several times to hold on tight or she'd fall, but she kept taking her hands off. Looking back, I should've made her get down, but I wasn't pushing her high/fast and she was so giggly and loving the swings so I didn't. 

Well, all of a sudden, she fell off. She landed on all fours, but she didn't really land normally on her left arm. She immediately started crying but it sounded just like her normal cry, so I thought it just startled her. We sat down in the grass and I was trying to get her to calm down. She grabbed her left arm and started crying more. I looked at it and it didn't look right so we headed inside to ask one of the nurses about it. The doctor was just about to leave but came in to look at her arm. He felt it for a little bit and said he suspected it was fractured and we needed to go to the hospital. The Nutrition Center is a part of the children's hospital, so they provided the transportation for a nurse and I to go to the hospital's emergency room with her. 

As you can see, R. was NOT happy about her sling! She was very unhappy with me, too. She didn't want to look at me, and if I tried to talk to her, she turned her head and started crying… I was clearly to blame!

We went straight to get an x-ray, and it was confirmed. She fractured both bones in her left arm. After waiting a little bit longer (lots of waiting!), her arm was casted. She was given pain medicine and slept for awhile while we were waiting, but when they were casting it, she was awake and screaming. After it was finished though, she calmed down pretty quickly. They drove her and the nurse back to the Nutrition Center, and I came back home on my own. I'll go back to visit her at the Nutrition Center tomorrow. Hopefully she'll be feeling much better!

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