Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome to the Baby Home!

This evening, when I came back home, I was surprised to find a new baby in the playroom! Baby D. happens to have the same name as our other recent baby boy arrival. Three year old Saret seemed a bit annoyed by this bit of information… In her mind, we already have a baby with this name so we really don't need another!

We've been told he's between 4-6 months of age. The tías and I all agree he's probably to 6 months old. Based on size alone, I think he's definitely closer to 6 months than 4 months. Developmentally, he's not really at a 6 month level, but he'll be able to catch-up!

From what we know so far, his mother was trying to sell him (the amount she wanted is still unclear) at a chicharía (a place where chicha is sold… chicha is a cheap alcohol that many brew here in Bolivia). When no one would take him, she went to another chicharía to try her luck there. Again, no one would buy him. She finally gave him to a lady who then contacted police.

He has a pretty bad diaper rash I've been told and he has something going on in his mouth (I'm worried it's contagious), but other than those two issues, he seems otherwise healthy. He looks like he had been well cared for. He's chubby and didn't arrive dirty or stinky. We all love his curly hair! He's really a cute baby.

Baby D. is having a bit of a rough night so far. He drank his bottle (not willingly… we think he was breastfed so having a bottle was a new experience… but he did finish it), but has cried ever since. He's really tired so hopefully he'll sleep soon and we can see some smiles in the morning!

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