Friday, March 21, 2014

Look who's home!

Today, after more than a month, R. was FINALLY released from the Nutrition Center! Because M. has been at the baby house with me, I've tried to spend more time with her (knowing her stay is only temporary!), so I've not been going to visit R. every day like I had been. 

When I went this morning, one of the nurses told me that R. had received her discharge papers. I was not expecting to hear that for awhile! I asked what I needed to do to take her with me, and they said I'd need to talk to several different people about her nutrition, growth, and overall health. I called Tía Maria (our health tía at Casa de Amor) and told her we had permission to take R. today if we wanted. She agreed that it'd be best for R. to come home with me, so that's what we did!

After R.'s fall from the swing/fractured arm, she's been anything but happy to see me. When I walked into her room this morning, she started shaking her head and screaming "NO!" She also refused to eat anything when I was around. When I tried to feed her lunch, she tried to kick her plate off of the table… It was horrible! I was worried about how she'd act with me in the trufi on the way home, but she was so tired she mostly slept. When we got home, she only wanted to sit in my lap, but after a little while, she was willing to sit by herself. 

So far, she's eating well and playing with the other kids. Sometimes she swings her arm at me like she wants to hit me, but other times when we're in the playroom, she's happy to play with me. When she first arrived at Casa de Amor, she talked a little bit but while in the Nutrition Center, she rarely talked (although they do take good care of the kids, they're not really stimulated and talked to much… there's just too many kids and too much to do). She did start talking a little while playing with the other kids, so I don't think it'll be long until she starts talking a lot more!

When she first saw me walk into her room this morning, she pretended to be asleep!

 Then she did actually take a nap for a little while!

In the trufi on the way home… glaring at me!

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Lauren D said...

Haha, what a little stinker! Glad she's able to come back home now.
You're doing a great job with her, Hannah!