Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chau, Tía Kaley!

Kaley is a former CDA volunteer who has been back in Cochabamba since November. While Elena, our volunteer coordinator, was back in the States, Kaley was taking care of her house and helping the rest of us with anything and everything! As this was her fourth trip back, she knows everything about Casa de Amor and Cochabamba. Plus, she's just a really fun person to be around! 

She will be leaving on March 4th, so this afternoon, we had a despedida (farewell) party for her at the boys' house. The boys definitely have a special place in her heart as she lived with them when she was here in the past. The big girls came over too, so there was a small crowd! 

As you can see from the pictures, it was really a very relaxed party. The kids spent most of the time outside, and the volunteers and I were able to spend time just hanging out. It's always a fun time when all of the volunteers are together as it doesn't happen nearly enough!

We'll miss you, Tía Kaley! Come back and visit us again soon!

I can't believe how old A.M. looks in this picture! It hardly looks like her! She found a jump rope and had fun practicing with it. I'm not sure how many time she asked me to count how many times she could jump! 

J. always BEGS to hold the babies! While I was taking the picture, she suggested that Sophia was hungry and needed to eat!

All of the kids love twisting the swing so they'll spin super fast when they sit down!

S. was having the boys add water and mud to her bucket so she could make a chocolate cake!

J., who is blind, climbed to the top of the playset and couldn't find the way back down. I heard her screaming "TÍA HANNAH! COME HELP ME!" and had to climb up there myself!

E. playing on the fireman pole!

Love this picture of B.!

Current CDA volunteers with baby D. and B.! Click on their names if you'd like to be linked to their blogs… Johanna, Linnea, me, and Kaley

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