Sunday, March 30, 2014

Church and Out to Lunch!

Y'all are going to get tired of the group pictures of our kids before church and pictures of them eating cheese empanadas…

We set a new record of how many kids we can take to church! We decided to add N. to our group so we ended up taking 8 kids (out of 13 so we could give the tías a bit of a break this morning) with us. We had a couple unhappy kids while walking into the church nursery, but their nursery teacher always comes prepared with chocolate cookies so it doesn't take long for them to calm down! They did wonderful in the nursery.

After church, we decided to go to one of our go-to restaurants for cheese empanadas. While eating our lunch, guess who came in to eat?! The Boohers! It's always fun seeing them unexpectedly. We also saw one of our substitute tías as she walked by the restaurant. 

As a bribe to finish their empanadas, we told the kids we'd buy them ice cream after they finished eating. There was an ice cream truck parked just across the street so it was very convenient. We bought a few cups of ice cream and let the kids share. We arrived home just in time for naps with full tummies and 8 sleepy kids!

 We were running a little late this morning, and I was trying to eat breakfast as Lindsey was trying to load the kids into the car. Saret stopped her and said, "But Tía Lindsey, we can't go to the car yet. Tía Hannah has to take our picture first!" I've taught her well!

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