Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hospital Visit for Baby E.

For the past few days, several of the babies have been passing around a cold. A few have been hit harder with it than others, and Baby E. has had it pretty bad. All day long he was throwing up his milk… He was throwing up much more than he was actually drinking. He was lethargic, and we knew it was more than a simple cold. Although he'd been on medicine for several days, it just wasn't working. We knew we couldn't want until this morning to take him to the doctor, so last night, we made a late-night trip to the emergency room.

When we arrived, they checked him over and told us he was dehydrated. He needed to have blood work done as well to figure out what the cause of all of this was. We had to wait awhile for the lab to come do the bloodwork, but they finally came around 9pm (we'd arrived just after 7pm). He was then hooked up to an IV to receive fluids. That unfortunate bit of news meant we'd have to wait for at least 3 more hours for the amount of fluid he needed to enter his body. While waiting, we found out he needed more bloodwork done, as the initial amount taken from his wasn't enough. Poor thing! They came back around 11pm to get more blood, and the results of the bloodwork were ready when we left… at 1am! Needless to say, it was a long night for everyone!

We found out he has an infection in his blood. He has to go back tomorrow morning for another check-up. We're not sure how he got it, but he'll receive antibiotics to clear it up. 

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