Saturday, March 29, 2014

La Horita Feliz & Bonfire at the Boys' House

This afternoon, we took our usual group of kids to La Horita Feliz. They did GREAT! Everyone went into their class with a smile (although S. apparently started crying so Tío Rudi took her next door to their house) which was a first for us! They always pass out a snack of a banana, bread, and milk so we hung around afterwards so the kids could eat. 

Then, we headed down the street to the boys' house. The volunteer there, Linnea, has been clearing out their fire pit and wanted to have a bonfire with the boys. She invited us to come over with our baby house crew, as well. We had a quick dinner there and then headed outside. Our baby home kids couldn't have cared less about the bonfire… They're all about the kittens that live at the boys' house! They did enjoy eating some toasted marshmallows though as Linnea bought smore ingredients for the boys. We weren't able to stay too long as we headed home when it was getting close to bedtime, but everyone had a fun evening while it lasted! 

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