Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby D. Update

While Baby D. was in the hospital, it was discovered that he has a heart murmur. Until he had an EKG, we couldn't know the severity of the murmur. Casa de Amor has had kids with heart murmurs in the past, so it wasn't a new issue… but we still wanted Baby D. to have the EKG as soon as possible so we could know for sure. 

He had the EKG a few days ago, and his results were ready today. It turns out, he has a hole (or maybe several… I'm not sure) in his heart and will need open heart surgery. These were not the results we were expecting! The defect is congenital, and it has also affected his lungs from working properly. He had pneumonia while in the hospital and was then also diagnosed with bronchitis, and his body has had a really tough time fighting the infection. It also explains why he is so tiny. 

From what we have been told, the surgery must be done. Without it, he can't survive. He'll be five months old on March 3rd, but we have to wait at least another month until he's six months old. The surgery can be done any time between six months and a year. It must be done before he turns a year old in October. We also know it is a very, very expensive operation, so if you would like to donate/help us with the cost when the time comes, please let me know!

Baby D. has been living with two volunteers, Kaley and Linnea, since he was discharged from the hospital. He is on several medications (for his heart and various illnesses), but is slowly growing! He will be returning to the baby house in a few days as Kaley is leaving and Linnea will be moving into Casa 2 with the boys. I know I'm looking forward to him returning. It'll be fun to have a little group of 3 babies again!

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