Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well hello there!

Tonight we were surprised with another new arrival! R. is said to be 2 years old, and as far as I know, we don't have any history on her. 

Upon arrival, she was very quiet and wouldn't respond to anything. We weren't sure whether she spoke Spanish or Quechua. When she wasn't answering us in Spanish, some of the tías tried Quechua but that didn't seem to work either! After having some time to warm up to us, her personality started coming out and she definitely speaks/understands Spanish. 

We were told she hadn't eaten in awhile, so we gave her some milk and a piece of bread. She drank her cup of milk like a pro but was more hesitant to eat her bread. She finally ate it when she thought we weren't watching!

We noticed her walking is a little odd, so we're all interested in learning her history. Her steps are very choppy and her balance is poor. Hopefully we can find out some more soon so we can get her help if she needs it.

In just an hour, she went from this face...

to this one...

and finally this one!

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