Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Picture for Every Day of the Week!

O. came to visit us at the baby house! She LOVES makeup and was carrying around an empty tube of lipstick. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but she had bright pink lipstick all over her face up to her eyebrows!

Baby A. dressed for a blizzard even though it's currently summer! 

Baby C. hanging out in the dining room... She's teething and keeps those two fingers in her mouth all day long!

 M. refusing to sit in her high chair. Although it may not look like it, she's currently stuck in that position! Don't worry, I rescued her after taking a picture!

These crazy bouncy animals showed up in the playroom recently, and everyone loves them!

We wanted Tía Silvia to make pizza for lunch the other day, so she agreed when I said I'd help her. Before I knew it, she had me cutting up veggies. After showing me how to cut up the cauliflower, she said "Now cut it just like I showed you. Or however you want to cut it is fine. Whatever you want to do. Your choice!" But we all know that means, "Cut it just like I showed you!" Love Tía Silvia!

She loves to take selfies!


Danyelle Graves said...

Hahaha, surely Tia Silvia didn't teach you how to cut with a CUTTING BOARD??

Hannah said...

haha! She didn't… She gave that to me after I resorted to cutting on the table!