Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Today we decided to switch things up a little and go to church with the big girls and Tía Savannah! Savannah is a former CDA volunteer who now comes back to visit! She was planning on taking 5 of the big girls to church with her and asked if I wanted to come with some kids from the baby home, too. My church here is very different from the church Savannah goes to, and it was my first time visiting a typical Bolivian church! It was fun to experience another church here in Cochabamba, and in many ways, it reminded me of a typical church in the States, except it was all in Spanish! That was probably the hardest thing… having to listen and follow along to a sermon in Spanish. It's exhausting! 

All of our (ten) kids behaved wonderfully! Everyone seemed to enjoy their Sunday School classes, as well. After church, we took everyone out for lunch and playtime at Wist'upiku, a favorite empanada restaurant! It was a busy morning, but all of the kids had so much fun! I know my five came home and crashed, and I imagine the big kids did so, too!

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Victoria Chapman said...

They are seriously some of the best dressed kids of Bolivia, I'm convinced. I love itttt! Miss you all!