Thursday, February 20, 2014

E. met his parents!

Today was a very exciting day for E., one of our two year olds… After 15 long months of waiting, his parents arrived from Italy! They had their first court hearing this morning and came straight to the baby house to meet E. when it was over. 

We have been counting down the days until they would arrive, and E. was so ready to meet them! After breakfast, Tía Nilda told him she was going to give him a bath and change his clothes, and then his parents would arrive. When he came back downstairs, freshly bathed and dressed, he started sobbing when he realized they weren't downstairs, too! 

After a little bit longer of a wait, they arrived! Initially, E. was pretty reserved, but he warmed up quickly. They brought him a few gifts which he was very excited about! They stayed until lunch time (a couple hours later) and he was really upset when they left. They promised to come back this afternoon, and they did. He had a great time with them, playing and singing songs! They don't speak Spanish, but that doesn't seem to be a problem with E. He seems to understand (or at least get the gist of) a lot of what they say to him in Italian. 

From what I understand, they'll be able to visit him here at the baby home for the next two weeks. After that, he will live with them in Cochabamba for two months. They will complete their court hearings during that time, and then they'll all be able to leave for Italy! E. has already told all of us that we can come visit him, so now we need to plan on how we'll get all of the babies there, too! ;)

Enjoy some pictures of their first meeting!

When E. first arrived to CDA at three months old, there was a scabies outbreak at the baby home. It was decided that it was best for him not to go there right away. Volunteer Kaley was living at House II with the big kids and agreed to foster E. at her house. She's come back for a few months and was very excited to be here for the meeting of E. and his parents!

E., Baby D., and I waiting on the arrival of E.'s parents.

E. knew he looked good! When asked "Cómo estás?" ("How are you?"), he replied "Bonito!" ("Pretty!").

We were ready with cameras as his parents walked through the door! Rosa, CDA's administrator and social worker is on the left, and E.'s parents are on the right. The other lady in the middle is working with E.'s parents on their paperwork and also serves as their translator.  

Their first reaction to seeing E.!

I'd say E. was worth the wait!

The tías came downstairs to watch, too! 

E.'s parents gave him this backpack full of gifts.

E. loves dogs and was so excited to hear that he will have a lab named Tommy (spelling?) as a pet! His parents brought him this little stuffed dog that looks like their own dog.

His backpack is just a little big for him!

Playing with his new toys 

E. loved showing his parents all of the fun toys we have in the physical therapy room! 

 E. had a great time playing fútbol, a favorite Bolivian past-time, with his parents!

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