Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hospital Visit

Yesterday, our new baby, D., was admitted to the hospital. In the morning, he had a fever, didn't want to eat, and didn't look good. He's not an active baby, but he was just so pale and listless. We monitored him closely throughout the day, but by yesterday afternoon, it was clear that he needed more help than we could give him. One of our tías took him to the doctor, and they immediately admitted him to the hospital. 

After running various tests, it was determined that Baby D. has third degree malnutrition (worse than the second degree malnutrition he was diagnosed with a month ago before coming to us), a heart murmur, and pneumonia. What a combination!

The volunteers took turns hanging out at the hospital with him today so he wouldn't be alone. He looks and seems SO much better today! His color has returned, and he appears to be on the mend. 

We're not really sure what the next few days hold for him. There has been talk of admitting him to Cochabamba's Pediatric Nutrition Center when he's released from the hospital instead of bringing him straight home. Being at the Nutrition Center would give him some time to recover from the malnutrition. We would continue taking shifts with him there, which would always (well, during the day) give him one-on-one care. Sometimes that is hard to do at the house with so many other babies and toddlers. 

For now, we will continue visiting him no matter where he is and doing all that we can to speed up his recovery!

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Lauren D said...

Aww, the poor thing! Praying that he gets well very soon.