Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, V.!

Today we celebrated another special birthday! Our V. (baby home) is 1 year old! She has three tías who fight over the title of being her "mom," so we left them in charge of the celebration. Tía Serafina agreed to bring the cake and jello and we celebrated this afternoon.

Personally, I can't believe V. is one! She was only 3 months old when I arrived last May and was one of our three youngest. Our once tranquila baby is now very vocal. She's learned how to stand up without support and is practicing walking. Her adoption papers are moving along and she's one of the next few kids who should be assigned a family… We're hoping that happens soon! Until then, we think she's pretty fun to have here at the baby house!

Before the celebration began, V. tried to grab a handful of cake!

Snacking on some frosting! 

 V. and Tía Serafina (one of her "moms")

E. helped V. blow out her candle! 

V. was a willing participant when it came to biting the cake!

How do you like that birthday outfit?! That combination is something else, V.!

V., Tía Serafina, and Dilan (Tía Serafina's son)… I don't think you can see lots of similarities in this particular picture, but V. and Dilan really do look a lot alike. We've often said that Tía Serafina must be her real mom as she and her "little brother" look like siblings! 

The birthday girl had to take a break from her party and change her clothes after a blow-out diaper… 

Party guests!

So excited for cake she just couldn't sit down!

Waiting patiently for her piece of cake!

Unfortunately for them, they didn't eat cake or jello… Baby C. especially doesn't seem too upset about it!

It wouldn't be a party without one of the guests throwing a tantrum!

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