Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photo Update

I realized I have lots of random pictures that haven't been posted yet. Some of these are from several weeks ago…

Tía Yovana saw M. and N. sharing this moto and told me I needed to get a picture of our daughters playing together!

The other day at the girls' house, they built this big fort! Then they pretended to be cats and it was their cave. 

She LOVES getting dressed up and going to church! When we were folding clothes and she saw this shirt, she reminded me that she wore it to church and asked if we could go again the next day.

Is mutilation too strong of a word to describe what the tías did to my child's hair?! I fought this haircut until the last second… and obviously didn't come out victorious. 

Every night I hear, "Tía Hannah, up! I want to go up!"


Tía Lucy wanted M. to be dressed up before heading to the dentist! A complete khaki outfit wouldn't have been my choice, but all of the tías thought he looked very handsome!

Love this view!

Walking down the street before church last Sunday!

Go ahead and wear my vincha (headband), K. You pull it off for sure.

Trying out a new look before going to visit her mom!

V. and I playing in the dining room!

S. came by the baby house for a visit!

F. did too! Except she wasn't as happy about visiting us because she came over to get shots.

Could she be any cuter?!

Baby C. and Baby A.'s early morning playtime! Do you see that pile of toys in the middle of the blankets? Baby C. was originally facing them but managed to turn herself the other direction… She'll be crawling in no time, I'm sure!

We call her Jose with that new haircut. Her yogurt mustache really completed the look!

She has the prettiest hair!

S. came with me one afternoon to pick up A.M. from school. We arrived a little early so we stopped at an ice cream shop down the street for a little snack!

We had a baby shower for one of our friends recently. I think the tías thought our games were totally crazy, and I kind of have to agree… But they loved them! In this one, we crushed up brown food (cookies, brownies, chocolate, coffee, etc.) and put it in diapers. The tías were blindfolded and had to try the food and guess that it was. Gross, yes! Hilarious, even more so!

Pretty sure she had more yogurt on her face than in her mouth!

It's cute how he likes to look happy in pictures when in reality, he screams/cries the day away!

I figured I couldn't possibly make her haircut look worse, so I gave her bangs a trim. Now she looks like a cuter boy!

Heading to church a couple weeks ago! They put up with my pictures so well!

After church, we stopped at the grocery store. I told S. I'd buy her ice cream for her good behavior after we finished shopping, and the whole way home, I had to hear the following over and over: "You bought me ice cream, didn't you Tía Hannah? I get to eat it when we get home, right? I'm going to tell the tías you bought me ice cream! You bought it because I was really good, didn't you?"

She loved playing with this giant ball! It's nearly her size!

Snack time! 

After dropping off M. with her mom, we had an empty chair in the dining room. Baby C. turns 6 months old in March which means she'll start eating some real food… We decided to test out a high chair for her! It was a fail… she doesn't sit up with support well enough yet!

Baby C. and I went to visit our Spanish teachers yesterday! I used to bring C. with me to my lessons, and my teachers loved seeing their favorite baby again! I'm going to start back with lessons in the next few weeks, but I hadn't seen any of them since getting back to Cochabamba. 

E. wanted to give Baby A. his bottle!

Cute earmuffs… obviously this was taken P.H.C. (pre-haircut)!

I did NOT dress her this day... We have way too many pattern and color clashes in this combo!

Spending some quality time together!

Tía Lucy and I!

Castigado (punished)… Probably for doing something horrible to Baby C.

Jose and Josefa… my kids!

She never smiles like this except when she's in the swing!

Going to church! I used to always wear jeans to church, but I brought back some dresses with me, so I've been dressing up a bit more… The tías told me it must be because I brought back so many cute church clothes for Baby C., I feel like I have to dress up too "because the baby can't look better than the mom!"

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