Friday, February 14, 2014

A Trip to the Dentist

The backstory… There's a park across the street from our house where we like to go with the kids. The problem, however, is that there is a fence around this park and it's always locked. A few of the neighbors have keys though and are always willing to open it for us. A couple weeks ago, the tías took some of the big kids to the park. When they went to ask for the key, a young couple answered the door. It turns out, both of them are in dental school, and one of them needs 20+ kids to practice on. She asked the tías about possibly using our kids. So… for the past two days, we've brought kids to the university she attends to have some dental work done.

Tía Yovana took Saret and Michel yesterday. Raquel was also supposed to go, but she was admitted to the Nutrition Center (more on that in another post) yesterday, so she wasn't able to go. This morning, I took four more. Saret and Michel apparently both cried their way through the exams yesterday, but my four had more varied reactions as you can see in the pictures!

 They even sent a taxi to pick us up and then take us back! These were the original three I was going to take… We added V. at the last minute.

 Nervous anticipation?

 V. was happy thinking that M. would go first!

 Right after this picture was taken she may have slid off my lap and fell face first onto the floor… Tía of the Year strikes again!

 She wanted no part of any of it. When she clenched her teeth and refused to open her mouth, they tried to bribe her with a sucker. She never did open her mouth but managed to get away with the sucker. (Explain that reasoning to me please… We're at the dentist for her rotten teeth!) 

 E. loved every second of it! He couldn't keep his hands off the tools, couldn't sit still, and wanted to mess with every single thing in the room!

 "Tía, turn on the light!" And then when the light was turned on and he immediately thought it was too bright… "Tía, turn off the light!"

 Just throwing a tantrum on the floor

 He's got this, y'all.

 "You can't possibly think I'm going to make this a pleasant experience for every one around me."

And not surprisingly, this was how her turn went. I saved her for last knowing that she wouldn't be an easy one… Luckily, unlike V. who cries with her mouth tightly shut, N. screams with her mouth wide open which made it very easy for them to put the fluoride on her teeth!

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