Friday, February 21, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, E.!

Today, E., the oldest at Casa 2, celebrates his 9th birthday! This afternoon, all of the big kids got together to celebrate at the boys' house. I also brought three from the baby home, Johanna brought Baby A. (he was staying with her for a couple days), Kaley and Linnea brought Baby D., and Jennifer and Jake came with their four kids, so we had quite the crowd! There were two cakes (one by some volunteers and one by Tía Sarin), lots of jello, and tacos for dinner (E.'s favorite meal). It seemed like everyone had a great time, and E. really enjoyed his party!

I've trained my baby home kids so well! They're so used to taking group pictures before we leave the house, S. immediately went to this chair and asked "Picture, Tía Hannah?"

J. loved babysitting Baby D. for us! 

The boys have a foosball table which is a favorite of all the big kids!

We think K. may be a future crazy cat lady (man?)!

J. and K. with one of the kittens! K. LOVES cats but was scared to pick it up, so J. helped him!

J.K. and D. playing outside before the party started! 

Forget the party… They'd rather torture stalk play with the kittens!

She's a pretty big fan of kittens, too :)

L.M. and E. are pretty new to the boys house… They are precious! 

The birthday boy himself! 

L.M. and D. were ready to start celebrating! 

E. opened his gifts first… He got some pretty cool stuff! 

It's not a party if gelatina isn't involved! 

This vanilla cake was made by Tía Sarin… The chocolate one was made by Linnea.

Some of the party guests singing "Happy Birthday!"… We sang in Spanish first and then English.

E. didn't want to bite the cake for fear of being pushed into it, but we convinced him to take just a small bite. He did and avoided having his face in the cake! 

We ate cake and jello first!

We may need to work on his camera smile :)

A. and her mini-me, S.! A. and E. (the birthday boy- siblings) look like older versions of S. and her little brother L., both at the baby home.

Tía Rosi reliving her days at the baby home! 

Yummy tacos!

Although Baby C. is normally the most tranquila baby in the world, she's really not a fan of going to the girls' or boys' houses… She was perfectly well behaved during this outing though!

Baby A., Tía Sarin, and Johanna having some fun together!

S. unfortunately missed most of the festivities as she (and a few of the other girls) goes to school in the afternoon, but she didn't seem too bummed out about it… She jumped right in to the party when she arrived!

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