Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arrivederci, E.!

Just the other day I wrote about E. meeting his parents for the first time. They have come back to visit every morning and afternoon since their first meeting. They are thrilled with E., and it is so mutual. He has been so excited every time the doorbell rings and asks "Mamá? Papá?" They have been allowed to take him on a few outings, and everyone has come back to the baby house declaring what a great time they had!

We were told that after their first meeting, E. would stay with us for another two weeks. At the end of that time, his parents would have another court hearing and if all was going well, they would be allowed to take him. They must remain in Bolivia for 2 months until the adoption paperwork is complete, but E. can live with them during that time. Well, their second court hearing was this morning, and as expected, E. was allowed to leave with them! Although we'll definitely miss our wild child (the baby home has been unbelievably quiet today!), I know I can speak for all of us in saying how happy we are for E. and his parents! We hope they'll come back for one more visit before they are officially allowed to leave Bolivia. I bet he'll be speaking more Italian than Spanish!

E. attended this morning's court appearance with his parents. He knew he looked good in his new outfit!

One last picture together! 

His parents have arrived! …And off they go to court! Soon to become a family of three :)

I had to get one more picture of E. and Baby C.! E. is OBSESSED with her! He's pretty indifferent about the other babies, but if Baby C. is near, you can bet E. is right there with her! (And by "right there with her," I mean he's trying to lay on top of her stomach to get as close to her face as possible) Sometimes I worry that he's a bit too rough with her, but he almost always has her smiling and laughing!

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