Friday, January 2, 2015

A fun few days!

We've been without internet for the past almost week at the baby home, so sorry for the lack of posts! Tuesday night, all of the kids (big kids and babies) went to the tías' homes for a bit of a break. The babies will return on Monday morning and the big kids on morning of the 8th. Sarah, Daniel, and I are staying at the baby home with some big kids and some babies. We've been having lots of fun on our mini-vacay!

 B. and E. have (for the most part) been playing really well together!

 The "twins" looking too cute in their new clothes from Tía Lindsey! Can you believe the baby on the left is nearly two full months older than the baby on the right?!

The babies looked so sweet cuddled up together for their nap!

Time for lunch! We're eating all of our meals outside because we're too lazy to clean up the dining room ;)

 E. loves watermelon!

Now time for dinner! IMBA sent us free chicken, rice, and french fries for New Years and it was yummy!

 R. was so sticky after eating her watermelon!

 Danyelle came over to spend New Years Eve with us! Tomorrow she'll take J. (pictured above) and R. back to her house to stay for a few days. 

It's a Bolivian tradition to eat twelve grapes and make twelve wishes at midnight on New Years Eve.  

At midnight, we went up to the third floor balcony to watch the fireworks. I couldn't ever get a good picture of it, but there were lots of them!

E. was scared of the fireworks and stayed up late with us… 12:45am bedtime, anyone?

 So stylish.

 Panettone is a popular bread to eat for Christmas/New Years. We had three uneaten ones at the baby house so that was breakfast on New Years morning. Most of them seem to have little pieces of fruit in it but this one had chocolate chips.

 Baby B. has been so happy with all of the extra attention!

 R. playing in her "train car"… She later filled the back of it with balls and pretended to be the conductor!

 B. is so fast on the motos!

Baby L.M. and Baby B. both had really bad diaper rashes so we let them sit in the sun for awhile to help clear it up…

 Why E. decided to take his clothes off before his nap is a mystery to all of us!

 Then he did it again!

 S. pretending to be a baby!

Baby C. loves her "iPhone"!

 We enjoyed a Mexican dinner tonight! Quesadillas for the little kids and fajitas for us… It was delicious!

Baby C. likes to hang out in the kitchen with us while we're cooking/cleaning. Tonight she crawled into the fruit stand and got stuck!

That's all of our fun so far! Tomorrow we're planning on spending the day at the boys' house and who knows where we'll be on Sunday… 

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