Saturday, January 17, 2015

An Ice Cream Afternoon

This afternoon, four of the kids from the baby house and I met up with three of the big kids and Sarah, Daniel, and Danyelle at Globos, a local ice cream shop. We arrived just in time for an afternoon snack, and then they got to play in the big play set inside Globos. They were kept entertained there for several hours and then we had dinner in the upstairs food court before heading home. I'd say it was a successful afternoon!

Quick group picture before they ran off to play! 

Sharing their 1/4kilo ice cream… Yummy!

Baby Benjo (we think his nickname is funny!) followed in Carmin and Angel's footsteps and had ice cream for his first food!

 He stopped playing just long enough to take a picture!

 Best-dressed award goes to…S!

 This was the only good picture I got of K. all afternoon!

Not convinced that this playset was the most fun thing ever…

 Totally convinced that this playset was the most fun thing ever!

 Brother and sister sliding!

 Spin until you vomit!

 Waiting on our dinner to arrive... They behaved SO well!

L. was really happy to be out and about for the afternoon!

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