Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A.'s Big Day!

I know Mamá Lindsey is dying for these, so here you go :)

We found out yesterday that A. has been assigned adoptive parents and they would be coming to meet him this morning! We knew his paperwork had been finished for a couple months now and that he could be assigned any day, but it still came as a surprise. Of course we were happy but I was nervous too… just hoping that it would all work out. 

We shouldn't have worried though because they're going to be GREAT parents! He's their first child, and his dad was so excited to see him that he almost started crying when A. was brought down the stairs to meet them! A. generally loves extra attention but it was almost like he understood what a big moment it was. He acted shy and just had a nervous look on his face. It didn't take long for him to warm up to them though!

His father is talkative and friendly and LOVES A. already! He was constantly talking to him, playing with him, holding him, walking with him, etc. He was also pretty helpful with the other kids, and we already know he'll make a great dad! 

His mother is much more reserved and quiet. She was much more motherly to A., feeding him and rocking him to sleep, than his dad and it was sweet to watch. She seems to understand Spanish but only speaks Quechua. They live out of the city but not too far out, and she sells potatoes.

Both admitted they wanted to adopt a little girl, but they are so happy with A. that it really doesn't matter anymore! When the tías asked his dad which child he would choose among all of them if he had free choice, he said "The truth is, I really would only want A.!" He then went on to say that he thinks they would be happy to take all of the other children together, but if they had to only choose one, he thinks they would still want A.

We're not sure how many days they must come to visit but we're hoping everything moves smoothly, and they will be able to take him home sometime in the next couple weeks. It definitely won't be the same around here without him!

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familia barreiro lamaison said...

It is so good to see him with his new family. I am very happy for A and his parentd