Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Haircuts for All!

This afternoon we took four of the boys from the baby house to get their hair cut... As you can see from the pictures, it was definitely time!

 Baby G. before… You can't really tell just how long it was!

Baby G. after… Looking like a big boy!

S. didn't need a haircut as badly as the rest of them did, but we decided to bring him along for a trim…

 Such a flirt!

It might have ended up being a bit more than just a trim but he sure looks cute (and so much older)!

D. came along to get his bangs (or "fringe" if you're Sarah or Daniel ;) ) cut! 

 In the process!

New baby A. was the real reason for our outing… We knew if we didn't take care of his hair today, tomorrow's group of tías would surely shave his head. This baby has a TON of hair!

Somehow I missed getting a real "after" picture but he looks very different and too cute!

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