Thursday, January 8, 2015

What We've Been Up To!

M. and S. dressed in their Christmas best for church!

The girls were invited to sing at church one Sunday morning. They did a great job!

Someone donated these treat bags right before Christmas. While bathing the big kids one afternoon, we went back in the playroom and found them enjoying their treats… without permission!

Savannah brought all of the big boys these shirts with capes. I just happened to have one in 9 month size as well so Baby D. got to wear one too!

 L. found this hat in the playroom one day and wore it the rest of the afternoon!


 Santa Claus and his elf look strangely similar to Baby B. and Rocio :)

 N. and D. ready for church!

 Still little enough to share the swing!

 He asked for the pigtails!

Watching a little Pocahontas before bed!

S. begged me for a picture of her and her little brother L. "to hang on the wall beside her bed"… How could I say no?!

We might have used the stickers Savannah brought for the kids as our tape to wrap their gifts... 

Not sure what she's doing here but she sure looks cute!

I spy a baby in the laundry pile!

 M. loves these pink, princess pjs and he looked oh so fashionable with his pink purse as well!

 Is there room at the inn?

 Combing out her lice before sending her back to House 3 just to get it again!

Sometimes kids punish themselves for getting down for their highchairs!

Just getting ready to visit my new house with my new parents!

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