Saturday, January 3, 2015

What a difference a year makes!

Sometimes when children are adopted, their new parents bring them back frequently to visit the babies and tías they left behind. With other children, they leave with their new parents and we never see them again. That was the case when C. was adopted back in October 2013. 

She had been brought to the home when she was about three months old and was adopted when she was about fourteen months old. While here, she was always a frail and sickly baby. She had some heart problems and seemed to never get rid of a cold. Developmentally, she was behind as well. Casa de Amor worked hard to have her adoption paperwork completed quickly so she could be assigned a family. We hoped that her health would improve with the loving, one-on-one care a family could provide. 

We were SO happy when an adoptive family saw her file and wanted to adopt her! It all happened rather quickly as one morning we were told her new parents would be coming to meet her, and then that very same morning, they were allowed to take her home. They brought her back to visit just one week after taking her and the difference was already unbelievable. She was so happy and overall looked like she was doing much better after just a week! Then we never saw her again.

We often talk about her and wonder how she's doing. The tías and I have asked Rosa (CDA's administrator and social worker) to call her parents and ask if they can bring her by or at least get an update on her. 

This afternoon, we were surprised by a knock on the gate as we weren't expecting anyone (especially with no one being here for the weekend). It was C. and her parents! They had brought some jello and juice to the children. As people do that from time to time, I didn't think anything of it. Then her dad said "She lived here," so I asked for her name, thinking that I had to have known her. After they said her name, I realized immediately who she was and told them I hadn't even recognized her! After hearing her name and looking at her face, she really does look the same. She's just SO big! She was talking and playing and just seemed to be doing so well. I never expected that huge of a difference! Although brief, it was a great visit with her!

The first picture was taken in October 2013, and the bottom picture was taken this afternoon.