Monday, October 19, 2015

Sleepover with A.!

This afternoon while at the hogar, Tía Maria asked me if I could take A. to a doctor's appointment. For the past month and a half, she's had a super strong, very odd and unexplainable smell. We couldn't figure out what it was. We were told it was probably some sort of infection and she was given antibiotics. After the treatment, the smell remained and stronger than ever. Then Tía Maria remembered about Fernanda, a little girl who was adopted from CDA, who at one point also had a very odd smell. It turned out she'd stuck a small piece of cloth up her nose and it was because of that that she had a weird smell. When antibiotics didn't work for A., we began to think that it might be a similar case to Fernanda. So off to the doctor we went...

It took about 30 seconds of looking up her nose to realize that she had indeed put something up there. The doctor suggested we take her to an ENT but then decided to try to remove whatever it was himself (it didn't seem to be too far up). He pulled a wad of cotton out of her nose. It might have been the worst thing I've ever seen. It was SO gross. He said the smell was due to the buildup of snot and the fact that when something foreign is in the body, the body reacts to try to kill it/get rid of it. The smell is already nearly gone. As you can imagine, A. was less than impressed with the whole trip but she should be happy as I'm sure her breathing is much improved!

By the time we left the doctor it was getting late so I brought her back to our house to spend the night. The first time she came over a couple months ago it was obvious she'd never had free reign of a house before. She sat on the sofa, not knowing what to do. Tonight she was much more active and happy to play!

Too sassy in the trufi!

The doctor gave her a sucker for being so brave!

 We still don't have a table...

She tried her first Oreo at our house! She had watched me take mine apart and as soon as Sarah gave her her own, she did the same.

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

I am glad to read this "happy ending" to the saga of "what is that stinky smell?"!!!
Danyelle asked me to smell A. on Sunday and, boy, was she ever stinky. I thought
it might be a bad case of cavities in her mouth. What a riot that another child at
CDA had the same thing before!