Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, A.M.!

Today is FINALLY A.M.'s 9th birthday! Considering that she's been counting down for it since last year's 8th birthday, it has come quickly. Although she waits for this day, she never has any real plans of what she wants. Today when she arrived home from school, she had pollo al horno for lunch. It was yummy! Then she got to go out for ice cream with Danyelle before her speech therapy class. When I went to pick her up from speech therapy, I was called into the room so we could celebrate again. Tía Mercy (speech therapist who used to work with the babies as well) had had her assistant go out and buy A.M. a birthday treat, so they sang to her and celebrated before we left. When we made it home, the tías were finishing up putting the babies to bed, so we gathered the girls and sang to her again so we could eat cake! When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, her only request was that it have flowers. I found sugar flowers at a baked goods store, and unfortunately they only had orange ones (I'd prefer a more feminine color!) but of course A.M. didn't mind! She had a very busy and full afternoon, and that smile never left her face! I'd say her birthday lived up to the expectations she had for it!

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