Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Night with I.

You may remember months ago when I.'s cleft lip repair was suspended at the last minute due to a cold. It has FINALLY been rescheduled, this time for this Friday morning. Unfortunately over the weekend he developed a cough and for the past couple days he has also had a fever. In an effort to keep him as healthy as possible in the days leading up to the surgery (so it won't be suspended again), he's been put in isolation with Danyelle at her house. However, as we're still in the middle of moving houses, she's been staying at the former Baby House at night. Last night, Sarah and I joined Danyelle and I. for the night and had a sleepover! I. is loving all the extra attention and seems to be getting better... Pray that his health continues to improve and he's able to have his surgery on Friday! It's important that this lip repair happens when it does, because after he heals from this surgery, we'll have to schedule surgery for his palate repair (He had a double cleft/lip palate. One side of his lip was repaired before coming to us... We'll have the other side and his palate repaired.)

So weird to see the all the rooms without cribs!

Too many flashes going off at once!

A little Jewish boy with his yarmulke? Or just a ridiculously too small newborn hat? 

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