Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend at the Hogar!

My favorite part of the week is alway the weekend! There's nothing I love more than spending time with all of my favorite babies! The past two weekends I've spent Saturday night at the hogar and although I really don't like spending the nights anywhere except my own house, I have enjoyed these impromptu sleepovers that let me spend a bit more time with the kids than I would if I went home for the night! It's also made taking kids to church easier as I'm already there Sunday morning. Here are some pictures of this weekend's fun!

 I ALWAYS took group pictures of the babies when we went on outings at the former Baby House. Now that we're here with the big girls, it's a bit harder and we always have a few big girls join our "Baby House" pictures!

 A.M. and S. were told to fold clothes before we went to Horita Feliz. Based on this picture, that wasn't getting done!

You know you're Tía Silvia's favorite when she makes you your very own pot of spaghetti sauce without tuna mixed into it!

 Are you going to your wedding or Horita Feliz?!

 She came to Horita Feliz with a plastic crown. It must have come off before this picture was taken!

 This picture makes me laugh just thinking about it. "Spongebob" in Spanish is written as "Bob Esponja"... It seems that someone made a typo!

She's always willing to share her bed with me for the night!

The twins before church

 Look who has already been discharged from the hospital! He came home Saturday afternoon and has had a bit of a rough time. His lip looks to be healing well! He finally let us wipe his nose after the picture. He's eating well, but definitely isn't his usual active self again just yet!

Look who is finally sitting up (for VERY brief periods of time) on her own!

Some may say she's dressed and ready for church... Others who know her know that that outfit change is just the first of many!

D. on our way home for church!

Waving "hi!" to our blog readers!

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