Sunday, October 4, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, D. y B.!

Yesterday D. turned 2 years old and tomorrow B. turns 8 years old! To make it easier on all of us who wanted to celebrate with them, we celebrated both birthdays this afternoon! While D. didn't know it was his birthday, B. has been looking forward to it for MONTHS! I almost always make the kids' birthday cakes and ever since they realized I'd take requests, several have asked for certain colors, cake flavors or cake decorations. B. has been asking for a Spiderman cake for awhile now and any time we talked about birthdays or it was someone else's birthday, he reminded me that he wanted a Spiderman cake. I had grand plans for this cake because I didn't want to disappoint him but I didn't plan well and ended up at the hogar with an un-frosted cake and no decorations. Luckily one of Sarah's coworkers came to the rescue and let us borrow some food coloring so he didn't have a plain white cake! Danyelle had a Spiderman cake topper/candle for him but ended up not being able to come at the last minute so a couple spiderwebs were all I could do. He was so happy it was his birthday and he's so easy to please that he thought it was great! We're continuing the celebration next weekend as his other request has been a sleepover at mine and Sarah's apartment ever since Cliver came to stay with us after his heart surgery. 

D. surprisingly sat relatively still during our picture taking! At one point before singing though he did stick his hand into B.'s cake. The chocolate frosting on his cake was a bit hard so he wasn't able to bite it but we tried. He wanted no part of it! 

We celebrated right before dinner (bad timing on our part) and most of the kids said they were too full to eat anything else after. This may be a new tradition... cake for dinner? Sounds like a plan to me!

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