Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bienvenido, V.!

After much waiting, new baby boy V. arrived at the hogar from the hospital this morning! After many suggestions and much deliberation on his name, we all agreed on the name Isaac. We even told his doctors and nurses that was the name we wanted. They agreed that they liked it, so that's what we were calling him. I don't know what happened but when they brought him to us today, he had a completely different name on his paperwork, with Isaac no where to be found. We should have known! We (as in the volunteers) still want to give baby Shirley a middle name, so maybe we can convince them that V. also needs one and we can make Isaac official... Only time will tell!

He is SO tiny! He and S. are only a few days apart and she seems much older than him already. There's a visible size difference too. It looks like they're already becoming best buddies!

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