Friday, October 23, 2015

Our Trip to the Circus!

Probably about a month ago, I half-jokingly suggested we go to the circus. When Sarah said she'd never been to the circus, we knew we really had to go. We had a bit of a hard time planning a time to take the kids, but every thing worked out well to go this afternoon. We weren't sure exactly what to expect, but we shouldn't have worried. The kids LOVED it! For two hours, they sat still, entranced in it all. They couldn't get enough! I took far too many pictures so here are the highlights... Make sure you scroll down to the last few... Sarah, Seth and I get to add "Circus Performer" to our resumes!

 Ready to go to the circus!

 So hard to get a good group picture but they were excited!

A. loved it the most! She couldn't take her eyes off of it and clapped for the performers the whole time!

 One of our biggest reasons for going to the circus was because Peppa Pig was supposed to be there and no one loves Peppa more than C.!

 Time for the greatest show on Earth!

Contortionist... I don't know how she does it!

 Matias loved watching this clown!

 These two had a great time!

They did a cool aerial routine!


 E. watching the gymnast.

Ghost and a clown? Only in Bolivia...

 I really liked this act! The two guys laid back in the chairs and threw the others around using only their legs.

Just as Sarah and I were commenting on how often they must fall, they stumbled a few times.

 She laid on her back and he spun her around with his feet.

 Not too dangerous yet...

 Now maybe a bit more dangerous!

There's Peppa!

This act was a bit daring too!

 When it was the magician's turn, he asked for two male volunteers, so Seth (one of Sarah's friends from work who has helped us several times with outings for the kids lately) volunteered to go up.

Everybody watching the tío!

 Testing out the rope to make sure it's real

 The magician offered them $500 if they could tie the rope tight enough that he couldn't get out of it.

 I couldn't get a picture of the actual act, but they covered him with this blanket and then he took one hand out of the rope. We can't figure out how he did it!

When it was intermission, we had a bit of an accident. The blue part is the bench we sat on. The red part is the walkway. The dark area in between is the ground several feet below. Matias tried to get off the bench but ended up falling down to the ground. Luckily he didn't get hurt at all! The circus worker seemed generally unfazed about the whole event and told us we should keep better watch over our kids in the future. Something tells me that would have been a lawsuit if we were in the USA!

 Feeling inspired from what they were watching!

Then the magician hypnotized two kids...

We just thought it was over!

Then they brought out this giant metal ball.

 It's hard to see but a motorcyclist was in there making laps!

 Then the real fun began... They asked for two female volunteers so Sarah and I were the only two to volunteer ourselves! You can't see it well, but that white-ish blob in the middle of the ball is us! We stood inside while the motorcyclist made laps around us! I did see my life flash before my eyes at one point and wondered what Seth would do with our 6 kids if the motorcyclist fell and killed us...

 Proof that it was us!

When it was over, we put the kids up on the stage to take their picture. The clown came over and asked why we hadn't taken a picture with him so he jumped up on the stage so we could take another one!

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