Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Aguas Danzantes (Dancing Waters)

About a month ago, a new park opened up in Cochabamba. It has three big water fountains, two of which are just to look at and the third to play in. None of us had been but had considered taking the kids one day. This afternoon, we talked to Tía Rosa and found out that she, Tío David and Tía Carla would be taking the oldest kids tonight. We had some friends over for dinner so after we ate, we all headed over to the water park to see what all the excitement was about! At night every fountain is lit up and the colors change, and music plays along with the foundations. It was really neat! 

After we finally found the kids in the crowd, we let them play in the water before going back home. They LOVED it! Even Tía Rosa and Sarah got in! The kids had such a great time, and I'm so happy they were able to go! Rosa and David really love the kids and want to give them these experiences and it makes me so happy to watch. It's these times and outings that let them be like normal kids. 

Since only the big kids got in on this outing, some of the other volunteers and I have a big outing planned for the younger ones this Friday... Come back then to see where we're taking them!

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