Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Surprise Package for S.

Yesterday when I was at the hogar, as I was getting ready to leave, Tía Rosa called me upstairs and said that S. had received a package from her "padrinos" ("godparents"/her sponsors) in Austria. We debated on whether it was better for us to open it first or to let her come up and open it together. We decided to let her come up and open it, and she was so excited! She received a backpack, pencil case full of school supplies, chocolate, scarves and a stuffed animal. Even though it was late, we let her try some chocolate. She gave some to me too and it was delicious! As this school year is almost over, she agreed to save her backpack and pencil case for next year (can't believe she'll be a kindergartner!), so Rosa stored it for now. She'll ration out her chocolate too. I took the scarves with me as I keep clothes for S. for church and other outings at my house, and she kept her stuffed animal. She loved getting mail and thought it was so cool that her padrinos sent it to her! 

I only had my phone and lighting was awful so the pictures aren't great. She also has the worst smile in pictures so even though she looks totally bored, she was LOVING it!

*If any of you would like to find out more information on child sponsorship, you can email!

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