Sunday, November 29, 2015

Officially engaged!

So today I turn 25 which is pretty exciting, but the real event of the day was Danyelle officially becoming engaged to Franco at church this morning! You'll have to get their whole story from her, but it was no surprise to any of us and we couldn't be happier for them!

In their church here in Cochabamba, an engagement really isn't official until it's announced to the congregation. They decided to get married a few weeks ago and have spent that time talking with many different people about their decision. Today, Franco called her up on stage during the announcements so they could make the announcement together. It was great! (Anne, we videotaped and took lots of pictures for you!) I don't think anyone at church was really surprised either and the kids were thrilled to be there!

So now, Danyelle, the real question is which hashtag do you prefer? #franyelle or #becomingamoron ...?

 Something really great must be happening for us to take 19 kids to a church that isn't ours! We wanted to make sure all the older kids got to watch the big announcement, and really, we want them to see what a godly and healthy relationship can and should look like.

We did so well getting to church we had 45 minutes to spare... We made the kids play "duck, duck, goose" while we waited!

All of the pictures below are from the engagement. Franco spoke about their decision and desire to marry, and then two of their church elders came up to speak briefly and also pray for them and their future together. 

We all met Franco at Horita Feliz, our Saturday afternoon Bible club. The children have always referred to him as "Hermano Franco" (Brother Franco) as your fellow church members are called your "hermanos." Today, Jhosi asked him if they should now call him "Tío Franco" (Uncle Franco)!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

I think #becomingamoron is quite fitting!