Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday at CDA!

 I spent the morning with these two very silly kids! Yesterday L. wasn't feeling well at all and only wanted to lay in bed, but he was in much better spirits today!

 Look who had her LAST day of pre-school today! She very excitedly ran inside to give me the french fries and cake she'd brought me from her school party... If only I'd known there'd been a party, I would've gone!

 Well that looks like a good idea!

O. had a rough first few days but is now such a happy baby... He was sleeping during lunch so got to get out of his highchair and crawl around for a bit. He even smiled when seeing his picture on my phone!

Fashionista. I'm embarrassed to admit that I took her to speech therapy dressed like that.

 I had an hour to wait on A.M. and Daniel while they were at speech therapy so I walked next door and bought ice cream. It was yummy!

Fashionista Numero Dos... We'll call her the "fashionista in training," obviously learning from her Mamá S. who put that lovely ensemble together!

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