Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sleepover with the Little Grandes

Last night we brought 3 of the youngest big kids over to our house for a sleepover! We took them out to eat last night, went to the market this morning and then have spent the rest of the morning at home. We'll be heading to Horita Feliz and back to the hogar later today... Something tells me they may not want to leave!

Dinner at Las Islas

They loved that their salchipapas came with toothpicks!

Too busy eating to stop and smile for a photo!

Movie night for the little grandes while Sarah and I watched the newest episode of Big Bang Theory!

 Manicure and pedicure after her bath... She's so girly and I love it!

 Bath time for the boys... They insisted on both getting into the bañador!

 Playing with "those little toys!"

 Matching to go to the market!

Now with big sister thrown into the mix!

 Love her!

 Pizzadillas for lunch and strawberries for dessert

 Tomorrow at church we're having a fundraiser lunch. Everyone is assigned either a job to do during the lunch or something to prepare ahead of time. Sarah and I were surprised to hear our names called on the dessert list last week... We think we've officially made it as members!

 Sarah thought it would be a good idea to let the boys help her crush up the crackers for the bannoffee pie crust... Within 30 seconds of each other, they'd both ripped open their bags of crushed up crackers, letting it fly all over the floor!

She used to be terrified of Crocodile Dentist but now she LOVES it!

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