Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, Tía Silvia!

While yesterday was actually Tía Silvia's birthday, it was a holiday which meant she had the day off. She was back at work today so we had the big celebration! 

I've been babysitting for a missionary family who lives just down the street from the hogar this week, so after I was finished with that, I walked down to the hogar to finish the cake. As I still had to go to my real job this afternoon, I planned on being there for less than an hour... Enough time to decorate her cake and then leave it for them to celebrate with the big girls later this afternoon. Well, I should've known I couldn't get away that fast! After we made sure to get her with eggs and flour, she chased the rest of us around the house with all sorts of ingredients until we were just as dirty as she was! It was awful! I had to stay awhile longer to shower before I could be seen in public again!

Tía Silvia is one of my very favorite tías and I don't know that anyone could ever be as crazy as she is! Every time I see her she offers me some sort of food or drink (once she gave me salty cinnamon water that she said was juice as a joke...), she gives me directions and trufi numbers for anywhere in the city (using the tile floors as a map), makes me my own small pot of food when she cooks things she knows I don't like, always wants to search for a Bolivian husband for me (but really she just wants to be my mother-in-law), and never misses an opportunity to remind me that my dislike of cooking and cleaning will actually make it impossible for her to find me a Bolivian husband! She keeps all of us laughing and there was no way we could let the day pass by without celebrating!

 This crazy girl has started imitating Saret and now whenever she sees me she runs over screaming "MY TÍA HANNAH!" and then won't let me out of her sight. She was glued to my hip this morning and helped me make the frosting for Tía Silvia's cake.

I used up the last of the eggs making the cake yesterday but luckily there is a little store right down the street from the hogar that sells eggs so we snuck in a few to the house. We lured Tía Silvia outside by pretending we saw a snake in the bushes. She totally fell for it and we all got her with eggs and flour!

 She spent the rest of the time before lunch chasing the rest of us around to make sure we got to be covered in eggs, flour, cornstarch and mashed bananas too!

We should've known that leaving the bowl of flour in the babies' bedroom was a bad idea! Someone pulled it off the dresser and put flour in the babies' hair while we were all outside with Silvia... B. got it the worst!

Dancing or protecting myself?! Her hand you can't see was sprinkling flour down the back of my shirt.

 I'll have to shower anyway so what's a little more in my hair at this point!

 Too busy making sopa de maní and french fries to go shower!

This was the face when we asked her to please smile!

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