Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving marks my third one in Bolivia. While it'd be nice to be home on this day, I'm thankful for a great group of friends here in Cochabamba and that we're able to celebrate together! I guess we've started a tradition of going over to the Boohers' house for Thanksgiving... We might need to come down south to y'all next year! ;)

It'd take awhile to list all that I'm thankful for but know that all of you are pretty high up on my list! It's always nice to see how we're not alone in caring for the kids here and that people all over the world want to be involved in their lives at Casa de Amor. There are days when I certainly feel alone (we all have them!), but the truth is I'm surrounded by wonderful people at home in the US and here at home in Cochabamba... For that I'll always be grateful! 

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and lots of good food! We certainly did!

 Since the Boohers adopted David and his siblings, he's had such a change! At first he didn't want to see any of us (especially me) as he associated us with the hogar and going back. Little by little he's opening up and is happier to see us. I saw quite the difference in him tonight! He was happy, giggly and so playful. He willing sat with me several times and let me serve him his food too!

 Myles was tasked with cutting up the chicken. Also fun fact, yesterday we saw a 12 pound turkey for sale for $53... Anyone out there want to pledge to provide this delicacy next year?! We had 17 people there tonight so do the math on how many you'll be agreeing to buy! ;)

 Peter celebrated his first Thanksgiving! He's such a happy little guy who just started walking all over the place!

 All the good stuff!

While we had just 6 different foods with dinner, we had 11 desserts... No one complained about that!

 My mom sent us this paper tablecloth with activities for the kids on it. I think we enjoyed it more than the kids did!

Sample platter for dessert... It was just as much dessert as it looked like and I couldn't finish it!

Just an extra picture... If your Thanksgiving was even a little better than theirs was, I'd call it a success!


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