Saturday, November 28, 2015

Haircuts for all!

This afternoon, two friends from my church here came to give haircuts to all our boys. They desperately needed them! We counted when everyone was finished, and they gave 16 haircuts in the span of about three and a half hours. Not bad! 

I only had my cell phone for pictures and they were doing it so fast I couldn't get many before and afters, but I'm posting a few! We also had a big church group come visit us this afternoon as well so it was a very full, busy day... Our favorite kind!

 J. went first... He sat SO well!

O. also sat very still and now looks like such a big boy!

C. before...

 And C. after... Who is that little boy?!

C. was so unhappy when it was finally his turn!

So handsome!

 B. made the funniest faces! He didn't like all the hair falling down onto his face.

 L. was last! He really didn't want to get his haircut but giggled his way through it. He's come a long way in not crying when things like this happen... He used to be scared of so many things but now likes to tell us how "valiente" (brave) he is and how he doesn't cry anymore!

All that hair looked like some sort of dead animal...

While haircuts were taking place, we had a HUGE group from a church comes over to put on a party for the kids. They played games, sang songs, ate jello and cookies and also brought many donations for the kids. We're always so thankful when groups decide to visit us!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

What a blessing to have a "haircut crew"! I did haircuts for
my squirmers yesterday and was thinking of the hair cuts
I had done for the CDA boys. I could NEVER do ALL of them
in one day!!! That guy had nerves of steel and serious talent!!
Le admiro a el....