Friday, November 20, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, A.!

Just about six months ago, A. and her little brother arrived to Casa de Amor. They have one of the worst stories of all of our children (A.'s mother and stepfather tried to poison her as they no longer wanted to care for her... Rather than die, she started convulsing, mom regretted her decision and took her to the hospital and both kids were brought to us) yet you'd never know she had such a rough start to life just by looking at her. She's sassy, giggly, and unbelievably smart! She came fully potty trained (likely taught herself out of necessity) and talks all day long. She had to mother her little brother and still is a little mama to our other babies. She doesn't like it when they cry and always wants to help give them their bottles. 

She's had such a change in just 6 months. While she still struggles with attachment, there are definitely signs that show she is learning what it means to be loved. She is learning that she doesn't always have to be in control and take care of the other kids. Recently she has started crying when other kids take her toys or hurt her, and that's such a big thing for her. She's realizing that she doesn't always have to be strong and accept everything that is done to her. She can voice her feelings and we listen and help make it better. That's huge in a child with a background like hers! 

She has seen several birthdays recently so she had a bit of an idea what it meant when we told her today was her day! After naps, she got a bath and then I changed her into her party outfit. She was so excited but also like she didn't know what to do with all that attention just on her! She so shyly smiled for pictures and I wish I could post a video of us singing to her because she was absolutely glowing! 

While it's easier to forgive or make up excuses for the birth parents of some of our kids, I just can't wrap my mind around her story. I look at this beautiful little girl who is kind and polite and a friend to everyone and can't imagine why they could have ever wanted to kill her. How could she have ever possibly been a burden to someone?! It's sad to think that it's her 3rd birthday and probably the first one anyone has ever acknowledged which made me want to celebrate her even more! That and the fact that if her parents had their way, she wouldn't be alive to see her 3rd birthday, which makes it even more like a celebration of her life.

So with that, happy 3rd birthday to our sassy princess, A.! You are so very loved and we're so happy that today we get to celebrate YOU!

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