Friday, May 29, 2015

Bienvenida, A.!

This afternoon, J.'s big sister, A., was released earlier than expected from the hospital and brought to us.   She was asleep when they dropped her off, and she woke up about half an hour later in good spirits. If you didn't know her history, then she would seem like a normal little girl. There is no sign of how sick she was or any type of abuse. She is chatty and very sassy and quickly making friends with the other toddlers. She doesn't seem to know how to feed herself and eats very slowly when fed, so mealtimes can be a bit of a struggle. She hasn't cried yet and has been obedient and polite with everything we've said to her… She's been a great new addition so far, and we're hoping her good behavior rubs off on some of our other kids! 

Although she does say that she has a baby brother, she doesn't know his name and didn't seem to recognize him when she first saw him. Now she will sit and play with him a little and tries to comfort him when he cries (which as you can see in the picture, he does quite a bit!).

We're not sure what the future holds for these siblings. As the days pass, more of the story of what happened is coming out. Now their mother has admitted to buying the rat poison and to being the one to give it to A. She and her boyfriend (maybe husband? He's J.'s father) were arguing and he said he no longer wanted to be with her and care for a child that wasn't his own. Together they decided to kill A., and she went and bought the rat poison to do so (they mixed it with soda and gave it to her to drink). They both remain in jail. All of the mother's family lives far away so it's unlikely (although always possible it seems) that they will leave in a family reinsertion with any of them. The mother says that A.'s father is unaware that A. exists so no one from that side of the family could take her. We're not yet sure if anyone would be willing to take J. from his father's side of the family. Adoption could be a likely possibility for these two!

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