Friday, May 22, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, Tía Lucy!

This week we have 5 birthdays at Casa de Amor! Tía Lucy's birthday is actually tomorrow, but because she has the day off, we celebrated today! We celebrated with cake at snack time, but right before we sang to her, we made sure to get her with eggs and flour… Except this time she actually ended up with eggs, dried oatmeal and tomatoes in her hair! It all started with Tía Silvia of course. I guess Tía Lucy assumed that I'd be the one to put eggs in her hair since she did it to me on my birthday (you know that saying about payback?) so she was weary to come anywhere near me when I told her we were about to start the celebration. As soon as she sat down, Tía Mirtha snuck up behind her and smashed an egg on her head and then Tía Silvia smashed another one and put the dried oatmeal in her hair before running back into the kitchen. Tía Lucy tried to get revenge on all of us and went into the kitchen to put some of the egg/oatmeal into Tía Silvia's hair. Tía Silvia was peeling tomatoes and before Tía Lucy had a chance to do anything, Tía Silvia smashed the tomato she was holding into Tía Lucy's hair! It was the most intense battle I've witnessed! Haha Do you see the knife Tía Silvia was still holding in her hand during all of this?! The kids thought the whole thing was HILARIOUS and told everyone who came over for the rest of the day "Tía Silvia broke an egg on Tía Lucy's head!"

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