Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Adios, L. y N.!

This morning we had to say goodbye to these sweet siblings. When a child is left in an hogar (orphanage), the parents have 30 days to get them back before being made to start the full family reinsertion process. Of course that is assuming the parents can convince the people in charge that they really are fit to raise their child(ren) and maybe just made a rushed decision. Whatever the case, that is what happened with L. and N. The same week they were brought to us (just 3 weeks ago), we were told that their parents both went to the Child Defense offices separate times wanting their children back. It was determined that while neither parent is ready to care for them, a grandfather and an aunt would both like to take responsability for them… so ultimately that is who they left with. We have been told they will receive follow-up visits and if things don't look good, they will be brought back to us. Obviously we're hoping that doesn't happen but at least they will be monitored. Their time with us was short but we're thankful we got to love them in the meantime!

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

Just yesterday Maria and I were saying they might go back! That was fast!