Monday, May 25, 2015

Picture Update

 Crying because he doesn't want to chew his food… I mean really, it's soup… There's not much to chew!

Love spending time with these two!

3 silly girls!

Now that she's at House 3, I don't see her nearly enough!

 Mother's Day (May 27 in Bolivia) celebration this past Saturday at Horita Feliz

It's so fun when the kids know who their siblings are!

Sleeping beauty!

While at the grocery store one night, I told her she could pick a treat to take home for her good behavior. When asked what she wanted, she said (in all seriousness), "A beer, tía. I'd like a beer."

Putting this boy to work! He's 8.5 months old and usually screams if he's doing anything but laying on his back. This was a rare quiet moment before he realized what position I put him in!
Must be a yummy dinner!

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