Sunday, May 10, 2015

Some Sunday Snapshots

The past 2-3 weeks have been SO busy. I've been out of the house at least half of the day every day which explains my lack of blog posts lately. These are just random pictures I've taken during the few moments I've been home and had a camera out...

The result of getting put in time-out too close to naptime… Tío David put him in time-out and might have forgotten and left the house, thus leaving him in time-out!

 Lots of dots!

One of many attempts for a group picture before Horita Feliz

Working on their Mother's Day card

Looking like a girl for once in her life ;)


 Rock climbing with A. and S. at the park

D. insists on climbing into the toy bin but last night managed to get his head stuck and was unable to move!

 She was pretending to be someone but I never understood who!

Imagine him saying "Picture, tía, picture" in the whiniest voice imaginable before I took this photo!

The 3 Muskateers and I

 R. napping for a bit this morning… Look at those eyelashes!


When I tell you not to get down from your highchair, I don't feel bad when you do it anyway and then get yourself stuck! 

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Sarah said...

I might've made the same mistake as Tio David, and it may have ended up with Edson falling off his timeout spot. Easy done. Also, I thought Benjo was one of the 'twins'. #bolivianfashion